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    Testing Machines for Railway Components

    Shock Absorbers/ Dampers, Springs, Metal-rubber bonded products (Silent Blocks), Rubber Pads (Elastomeric, Side berarer etc.)

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    Cyclic Cum Static Rock Triaxial Testing System

    Conforming to stringent requirement as per the International norms. Suitale to conduct Triaxial Test, Unconfined, Indirect Tensile, Creep Tests and normal Compression test.

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    Geosynthetic Pull Out Resitance Testing System

    This equipment is suitable to determine pull out resistance/interface shear resistance of geosynthetic material in soil.

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    Servo Hydraulic Dynamic/Static Actuator

    Servo Hydraulic Dynamic/Static Actuators are based on Servo Hydraulic Closed Loop principle and are extensively used for applying dynamic loads or displacements for different applications on structures, automobile components, Structural beams, Columns etc. It is highly advanced system with fully computer controlled operation and also suitable for static loading applications.

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    Servo Hydraulic Universal Fatigue Testing System

    These are compact in design and easy to use systems are suitable for Cyclic/ Fatigue and static loading on wide variety of material. Useful in determining Fatigue life and Fracture Mechanics (K1c, J1c etc.) of material.

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    Automatic Servo controlled Compression Testing Machine with Flexure Test Frame

    HEICO Automatic Servo controlled Compression Testing Machine is capable of conducting compression tests on concrete specimens and allied products. Additional Flexure frame is suitable for Flexure test as per IS and ASTM standard. Controlling on Load or Displacement or user supplied strain gage(quarter Bridge) or External displacement sensors as mounted on specimen

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    Automatic Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

    HEICO UTM is suitable to conduct following tests - (i) Compression (ii) Tension (iii) Transverse (iv)Bending (v) Shear (vi) Hardness and many others on various types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials conforming to testing procedure laid down in IS/ ASTM etc. standards. Controlling on Load or Displacement or External Transducer as mounted on specimen

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    Static Cone Peneterometer

    HEICO Static Cone Peneterometer is suitable to collect data about bearing capacity and frictional resistance of soil and meets the essential requirement of IS: 4968 (Part-III). Both Manual and engine driven models are available

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    Universal Testing Machine for Geo-synthetic & Other Materials

    HEICO Computer Controlled Electromechanical UTM is suitable to conduct Tensile/ Compression/ Bend/ Flexure test/Creep test on different materials such as Metals, Rubbers, Cables, Fabrics, Tapes, Thread, Plastic, Geo-synthetic (Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geonet etc.) etc. conforming to testing procedure laid down in ASTM, BS, EN, ISO standards.

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    Cyclic Cum Static Triaxial Testing System for Soil and Asphalt

    Meets essential requirements of ASTM D3999/ ASTM D5311 & AASHTO T307 Capable of performing following tests : Saturation, consolidation, UU, CU, CUBar, CD Triaxial tests with pore pressure and Volume change measurement, Shear Loading, Isotropic and Anisotropic tests, Stress & Strain Path control tests, Liquefaction test, Stress Controlled Cyclic Triaxial strength of soils, Strain Controlled Cyclic Triaxial strength of soils, determination of modulus, Resilient Modulus and damping properties of soils.

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Welcome to Hydraulic & Engineering Instruments

Hydraulic & Engineering Instruments popularly known as HEICO both to its domestic and overseas customers was established in the year 1972. Right from its inception, the company has been serving the customers with Quality Control Instruments for Material Testing mainly-Soil, Cement, Concrete, Bitumen, Rock, Steel, Snow, Rubber and many others. In addition to the products as illustrated in the catalogue, the company can produce custom built equipment for specific application. The company follows the standard quality management system as mandated for it's registration with ISO 9001:2008 certificate.


Latest News

  • Successfully installed & commisioned Shock Absorber Testing Machine at DMRC.


  • New Plant operational at Rai, Sonepat, Haryana.

  • Participating at 14th NCB International Seminar on Cement & Building Material in Dec 2015.

  • T.Ramamurthy, Director, Angron Geotech Pvt. Ltd., has been awarded for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering through ISRM.